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Green Lands Vermitech (India) Private Limited primarily an agriculture based company, in Chennai India, are producers of high quality vermicompost and other eco friendly products, such as vermi wash (an bio liquid fertilizer) and panchakavya (a highly potent pesticide and fertilizer), Since chemical inputs have ruined our soil for the past 4 decades (in the name of increased crop production), our main objective is to ensure restoration of soil health by using organic inputs. We also strive to prove that intensive agricultural is possible and viable with vermicompost and other aiding agents. It is profitable and ensures safe health to the people around us. Organic agriculture also increases the income of the farmer, by fetching better prices for his crops, in the process ensuring better health to the farmers (since he does not need to use harmful agents) and his soil.

We advice and help farmers how to restore their soil health, by increasing microbial activity, which has been gradually decreasing due to constant application of chemical fertilizers. We also suggest inoculation of earthworms in their soil which will help in aerating it. Earthworms act as a natural plough to the soil while the crop is in cultivation, thus renovating the soil which cannot be done otherwise.

Green Lands is a Indian owned producer of high-quality traditional horticultural and hydroponics products for the domestic and commercial gardener.

Our expanding product portfolio consists of over 40 innovative products, including industry best sellers Boo-Shakti. Concerned about the environment and safety of kids and pets? Within our portfolio we've created a line of popular earth safe plant nutrient and supplements for commercial and domestic use.

Green Lands brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing, R&D and analytical lab allows our in-house team of horticultural scientists and technicians to routinely test and quality assure new and existing Green Lands products to your satisfaction.

At Green Lands our vast network of worldwide contacts allows us to source the finest organic and inorganic ingredients to create superior products that deliver maximum results.

It's our commitment to quality and superior product performance that has earned Green Lands a loyal customer base that spans across North America and Europe.

We invite you to experience the Green Lands advantage.

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